Writing a Unique Obituary is Easier with These Helpful Tips

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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Cremation services in Charleston, IL

Cremation services in Charleston, IL, can include multiple details, and the more authentic you make them, the more memorable the event. Announcing the loss of the loved one may require writing an obituary, and if the individual was someone with unique qualities, it could be helpful to write a more personalized document. So, let’s look at some ideas and tips for making the obituary authentic.

What is the Obituary?

The obituary is a traditional document individual’s right to announce the loss of the individual. For some people, it may feel appropriate to keep it short and to the point by simply listing the person’s basic information and any services for them. In other situations, it can be the right choice two add in some customization to make it more personalized.

The most common form of publishing is done through local or national newspapers, but they charge a fee. The other option is to put the announcement on social media, which can reach a larger number of people at little to no cost.

Add in Movie Quotes

If someone who passed away loved movies, why not consider adding a few favorite movie quotes about them? Choosing catchphrases that they may have used frequently or even ones that remind you of the person can be great options to help highlight their love of the movies and their unique personality.

Pick a Poem

Poems are a deeply celebrated form of expression and are used to reflect on every emotion that can occur. If the individual loved poetry, you could find your variations and incorporate them into the content. For someone who has a good sense of humor, you might consider finding poems that express the loss while at the same time adding a funny tone to it. Or it may feel more appropriate to pick one that is more serious and expresses the loss.

Cremation services Charleston, IL

Pick a Theme 

If your loved one had regularly pursued specific interests or hobbies, you could incorporate this into the obituary. Adding a few sentences about the sports fanatic or bicyclist can add in that extra touch of personalization and remind people of what they deeply cared about.

Favorite Memories 

Unique memories and experiences can also help bring the individual’s world to life in the obituary. Listing specific events that others were involved with or something they did that was beneficial can be an excellent choice for enhancing the document.

Amazing Quotes 

The last recommendation is to include favorite quotes about the person. Finding ones that feel meaningful, or if the person had one specific quote they used frequently, could be another great option to add to the rest of the information.

Compassionate Care and Professional Services for Our Community 

The obituary can be an excellent resource for highlighting a person’s life and letting others know about the services. Planning the event is also part of the experience, and if you are looking for cremation services in Charleston, IL, we are here for you. We are locally owned and offer exceptional care for all our clients, so contact us today for more information.

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