What is the Difference Between an Obituary and a Death Announcement?

Posted on September 6, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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When it comes to laying your loved one to rest and picking from funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, you want to have a burial service that reflects what your loved one meant to you. Part of this process will require you to write a death notice to help notify people of the loss. The newspaper will also print an obituary. They both are similar but serve different purposes, so here is some more information.

Obituary Notice

The obituary notice is written by the newspaper staff. With most newspapers, a family can request to have the document written about the person, but the company will decide if they write it or not. Local newspapers can publish the article, so check with your community to gather information about who you need to contact. You can always look at other publications from community-based places like churches, mosques, or even local volunteer groups.

Death Announcement

The family writes the death announcement then submits it. Much like a classified ad, these articles must be paid for to be publicized. They will include information such as who passed away, the funeral service, and some information on the individual’s place of birth or how they passed away.

Traditionally these notices are published in local or national newspapers, depending on the individual. You can also make the death announcement online over social media, but we recommend considering family members who are involved. It is also essential to consider the nature of the information being delivered and who may read it.

What are the Costs?

The costs can vary, and usually, a newspaper will charge a fee for the announcement.

Some companies price by word while some charge by the number of printed lines or space on the page. The price also is dependent on how long you’ll be running the announcement and which day of the week you are choosing.

You may want to include a photograph with the announcement, so check with the business for details. It is good to know your budget before you start the process because, depending on the length, it can turn into an expensive venture.

funeral homes in Humboldt, IL

Filing a Notice

Before a funeral service or cremation with a service, you can work with your chosen funeral home to help write the notice and get it published. This may come of no cost for some, but others may charge a fee. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple newspapers to send the notices to as the funeral home can work to help make this process easier, so you can focus on more pertinent matters.

From Our Family to yours

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