What is the Difference Between a Coffin and Casket for a Funeral?

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Caskets and coffins have the same purpose, which is to hold a deceased person. Coffins and caskets serve the same function for both burial and cremation. Do you know the difference between a casket and a coffin? In case you were wondering, you read that right. There are certain aspects in which they are distinct from one another. The selection of which coffin or casket to use is made by the family. And, if you are to make that decision, read this guide first to choose the best suit for your loved one. Our funeral homes near Humboldt, IL also here to guide you and give you tips.


It is fully up to the family to decide whether to use a casket or a coffin. Less families opt for coffins because of their less eye-catching designs and the difficulty in locating providers.



Caskets are specialized containers used to house the remains of the deceased. They have four sides and are rectangular in shape. Along the sides of the coffin, rails are installed. Numerous caskets are suitable for both burials and cremations. The material used to make a casket can be used to identify it. The majority of caskets are composed of metal or wood. Once caskets have been created, they are lined with fabric so that the deceased may rest in peace.



funeral homes near Humboldt, IL The vast majority of coffins are formed out of wood and have cloth linings on the inside. They do not have rails like caskets have, which would make transporting them a lot simpler. Instead, coffins feature items that are referred to as “coffin furniture,” and these items can provide attendants of the burial with some information about the departed person’s financial abundance in life. Also, in comparison to caskets, coffins are constructed with six sides rather than just four. Moreover, the width of the lid of the coffin is greater than that of the base. To fit the shape of a human body, coffins are often given a tapering appearance. In addition, a casket’s lid will have hinges, while a coffin’s lid will be detachable.


The Difference in Cost Between Caskets and Coffins

When compared to caskets, the cost of a coffin is typically lower due to the fact that it does not require nearly as much material. The price of a coffin can also be affected by the tapering of the lid. You and your family have complete control over whether you want a casket or a coffin for the deceased member of your family. Choosing a coffin, on the other hand, will result in additional expenses such as transportation and construction.


When planning a funeral, the choice between a coffin and a casket is a personal choice. Depending on what is most appropriate to say goodbye to a loved one, there are numerous options available at varied prices. When deciding between a coffin and a casket for your loved one’s funeral, you should consider the type of ceremony you’re planning and what’s most suitable.


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