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funeral homes in Charleston, IL

As you plan your loved one’s funeral with the professionals at one of the funeral homes in Charleston, IL, there are going to be a lot of decisions to make. Perhaps you are going with a traditional funeral package and a lot of the things you need to decide are put into place based on those traditions. But there are still lots of things to customize. One thing that will be completely unique is what you decide to include in your loved one’s casket with them when they are buried. Some people don’t put anything in at all and that’s okay. But if you want to send your loved one off with some special items, here are some of the things you might include.

Family Pictures

Your loved one adored their family and they would most likely appreciate a family photo placed in the casket with them. You can place the last picture you took with all of your together or several individual family pictures of different sides of the family. These pictures are a nice way to signify that your family is with your loved one, always, at least in some way.


If there’s something you want to say to your loved one and you never got a chance to say it, or if there’s something you want to remind them, writing a letter and putting it in the casket with them is a nice way to allow them to take those words to the grave with them. You can have anyone who wants to write a letter to get something prepared and have it tucked alongside your loved one.

Special Books

If your loved one adored reading and always had a book in their hands, you might want to place a book in the casket with them as a symbol of that love. Or, perhaps they were devoted to their faith and you want to put a Bible or another holy book in the casket with them as a sign of that faith.

funeral homes in Charleston, IL

Symbolic Items

There are a variety of things you could use to symbolize something else. If your loved one had a cat they adored, for example, you could put a statue of a cat that looks like their pet in the casket with them. You can put in a baseball card from their favorite team or something else that you know they would appreciate and that showcases a piece of their personality.

There are lots of options for items you might place in the casket with a loved one who has passed on. Talk to the professionals at the funeral homes in Charleston, IL about what you are thinking and they can even offer ideas and options. The experts at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd have been through final services hundreds of times and they have great suggestions. You can also consider what you want your loved one to wear, like jewelry, that could be removed and kept later.

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