Suggestions to Help Pay for a Funeral

Posted on December 13, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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There’s no doubt that paying for cremation services in Humboldt, IL, or funeral costs can add up quickly and you may be wondering what your options are to get funding for the event. With most companies, you will need to pay for the services before scheduling them, so you must have an option to cover all of the costs. Multiple details can go into the service, so a good starting place is to understand your needs before planning so you can have an outline of what is truly important to you. Here are some helpful suggestions on ways to pay for the event.

Save Up

In a perfect world, an individual will be able to preplan for their services to ensure that they have enough funds in the bank, so all the costs will be covered. The first suggestion is to look at your budget and consider your expenses to see if you’re able to set any money aside to help pay for the costs. Some companies on the market will offer plans that can range up to 30 years which you can pay into every month for funeral expenses.

Use an Insurance Policy

In many cases, the individual may have a life insurance plan that can be utilized once they have passed on. Some funeral homes work with companies that will give a loan based on the insurance policy in place if it has not been paid out yet.


There may be situations where you need to turn to get a personal loan to help pay for the expenditures. You might also consider having to use a credit card depending on your situation, but it is recommended to look for alternative methods first due to interest rates.

Ask the Community 

A popular source for raising large amounts of monies for causes is utilizing a crowdfunding option like GoFundMe. These have been a vital source for many people, and it also offers a way for the community to help contribute to the services and show support for the family.

cremation services in Humboldt, IL

Other Options

There are multiple other local and national agencies that you may also be able to turn to, such as the Veterans Administration, that might offer relief or support in the cost of the services. It is not uncommon to seek out local charities and organizations because they may have some form of funds to help contribute.

A Trusting and Caring Source for Your Needs 

Funerals can be a confusing experience to navigate, especially when you’re dealing with the emotions that can arise and trying to schedule the services. This means you need an exceptional team of compassionate individuals to help you with planning and support.

Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd has been a locally trusted provider since 1934, and we specialize in everything from grief support to cremation services in Humboldt, IL. we take great pride in offering our community the highest level of care. We would love to help you step by step through your process, so contact us today.