Facing A Sudden Death With Cremation Services

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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cremation services in Mattoon, IL

If there’s one thing you can be sure about in your life, it’s that death is going to happen. Sometimes, a family member dies after an illness or someone who is aged might pass on and everyone knows it was coming eventually. But there could also be situations where someone passes on and no one saw it coming. It is jarring and sudden and shocking all at the same time. One thing you could do is choose cremation services in Mattoon, IL for that person.

Cremation services are an option that can give your loved one what they need quickly, and then give you and the rest of your family time to process what has happened. The cremation process itself doesn’t take much planning to implement and once it is complete, you can figure out what to do on your own timeline.

Before you sign on for cremation for your loved one, you will want to be sure it’s what you want for them as it is a permanent solution. But it is an honorable, respectful thing to do and in a situation where things happened so suddenly, it might give your family a chance to breathe and come to terms with what happened.

After the cremation process is complete, you can put whatever timeline on the memorial service and other processes you want. You can give your family a chance to come to terms with what has happened and get used to the idea and perhaps over the shock of the situation. Then, knowing your loved one has been cared for, you can start to plan a suitable memorial for them.

It might never have been something you have thought of before—what this particular loved one would want for their final services. And once the cremation is done, you can take your time in thinking that through. You can talk to family and see what everyone else thinks they might appreciate and put something together as a team effort.

cremation services in Mattoon, IL

It’s hard enough to lose someone when you know the end is near for them, but when a loved one dies suddenly, you might find yourself needing even more support from your family members and friends. Having cremation services can give you and everyone else the time you need to process things and plan something truly special for that person to honor their life, gone too soon.

If you have to plan cremation services in Mattoon, IL suddenly with a loved one dies unexpectedly, the professionals at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home are here for you. We have the compassion, the support, and the services you need to get through this very hard situation. We can set you up with grief resources to help you further your healing process and we will listen to the stories you have to tell about your family so we can get to know you and learn more about the person you lost. We’re here whenever you need us and we wish nothing but the best for everyone involved.

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