Steps on How to Prepare for a Funeral Service

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Losing a loved one and being the one to decide on a send-off ceremony is not an easy thing to do. In fact, nobody wants to talk about death or funerals. However, it is a part of our lives that no one can escape. As a result, you have to stand up and plan for your loved one. If you’re one of those family members who are assigned to prepare for the funeral of the departed, your role is really important. A funeral homes near Humboldt, IL offers a lot of services and will guide you in everything you need. Furthermore, we also listed down the steps that are useful for the preparation of a funeral service for your loved one.


1. Select a funeral director.

The first decision to make when planning a funeral is whether or not to hire a funeral director. A funeral director can handle the deceased, the proceedings, and any parties’ organization. They can also provide general guidance and support. Since it is a hard time for everyone in the family, you can choose and make arrangements with a funeral director.


2. Choose between burial and cremation.

The three common types of funerals are burial, cremation, and direct cremation. These options have different prices. Burial is usually the most expensive way to say goodbye, while direct cremation is usually the least expensive. You don’t have to worry if you can’t afford it, for you can choose the one that fits your budget.


3. Make funeral arrangements.

Here, check and confirm first the wishes of your loved one or anyone in the family before arranging the funeral. Planning a funeral service can be a difficult and emotional time, so don’t rush yourself and you can always ask for help if possible with your family and friends. In here, you have to prepare the following:


  • Selecting the type of funeral service
  • Setting a funeral date and venue
  • Arranging the funeral transport
  • Choosing decorations (like flowers), or donations
  • Choosing funeral readings, music, etc.

4. Prepare the wake.

funeral homes near Humboldt, ILThe reception, which is also known as the wake, gives the deceased’s friends and family a chance to come together to both grieve for their loss and celebrate their life. The wake can be held in a variety of locations. Some people hold it at their own residence, while others host it in a social club or village hall.


The aforementioned steps are the following things you will be considering when planning for a funeral service for your loved one. And, if you run into trouble with any of the steps on this checklist, go back and read the necessary parts of this guide.


Although, none of us like to talk or even think about our own funeral, being prepared can really lessen the load on your loved ones or the bereaved family during a trying time. If you need assistance, funeral homes near Humboldt, IL are willing to guide and help you to give you a perfect send-off offer.

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