Cemeteries Have More to them Than Just Traditional Burial, so here’s More

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Funeral homes in Humboldt, IL offer many different services involving laying loved ones to rest, and because cemeteries can be the main part of this, if you’re choosing a traditional funeral, you might want more information on them. Cemeteries have a rich history, and here are several different facts about them to help give you more knowledge on these kinds of properties.

The Gravestone Inscriptions are Epitaphs

The inscriptions that you know now on gravestones are not the same as they were in colonial America. Historically in most cases, the grave marker would point toward what caused the individual to pass away. Eventually, the inscriptions changed and started reflecting more about the individual who had passed away with words of grief or hope.

Materials for Markers Showed the Stature

Typically a head start will be made from slate, sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, and wood. In most cases, wealthy families in history would choose marble or granite, with poorer families picking sandstone, lime, or wood. In most situations now, this is not the case because the materials have become more affordable, so almost anyone can choose whichever kind of material is the best suited for their situation.

Some Gravesites Face East

It was not uncommon for American settlers to have their gravesites facing east. This is because they believed that it would get them ready to rise on a new day in the chance, that they may be reborn. Once the cemetery started being built in more rural areas, the graveyards were constructed in different types of terrain, and the graves themselves faced various directions.

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Looking at Motifs on the Marker

It’s not uncommon to find symbolism on headstones. There could be a winged hourglass indicating that time flies by or hands in a praying position to signify an individual devotion. Many different kinds of motifs can be used, and they can add an interesting element to the inscription for onlookers.

Many Cemeteries Have Rules

In most cases, cemeteries will have their own set of rules that they expect individuals to follow. Some examples include:

  • Obeying speed limit signs if you’re driving through
  • Keeping your pets on a leash
  • Not disturbing the gravesites
  • Cleaning up after yourself and not leaving garbage behind
  • Specific opening and closing hours

Obelisks are Common

Around the 1840s, stones shaped like obelisks began appearing in American cemeteries. This is believed it has to do with a new interest in the Egyptian culture. Designs with uplifting lines placed in smaller locations were considered patriotic and maybe less costly than sculpted monuments.

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These are just a few of the interesting facts about cemeteries and their history, and if you are looking for assistance with scheduling a traditional burial, we can help you with the process. We are one of the locally owned funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, and have been in business since 1934 providing exceptional care and services for our entire community. We understand the pain of loss and offer multiple services for our clients, so contact us today.