Reasons To Hold A Funeral After Cremation Services

Posted on May 1, 2023 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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When you have cremation services Charleston, IL for a loved one, you are faced with a variety of options and decisions. In short, you can do whatever you’d like for your loved one around those cremation services. If you went with direct cremation, the cremation will occur soon after death without any services beforehand. But you aren’t limited as to what you can do after the cremation is complete. You can even hold a funeral or a memorial service that feels like a traditional funeral. Here are some reasons you might want to do that.


Celebrate Their Life

Funeral services are an honorable thing to have for someone to honor their life and celebrate them for the person they were. Things feel traditional and your family knows what to expect from the service. You can remember the person you lost and even smile a little about the things they brought to your life.


Say A Final Goodbye

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you knew and loved, but a funeral service can help you to do just what. Whether you say the words out loud, perhaps to your loved one’s urn, or just in your heart, it can be an important part of the healing process. People often get a sense of closure from the funeral process and that can really help with the grief as you move forward.


cremation services Charleston, IL Gather Family Support

Funeral services allow you to gather together with family members and friends along with other people who cared for the person who died. You are able to gather the support you need and give it to others as well. Being with people who care about you, and who loved the person who died, can really mean a lot during a hard time.


Start The Grieving Off In The Right Way

Everyone’s grief is unique and different, but when you have a funeral service to mark a death, it can help you to feel as if you started your grief off in the right manner. You were able to get closure and say that final goodbye. Honoring the person with a funeral can also help you to move forward with the grief. You know the person got a nice send-off and that can mean a lot as you walk into the future.

There are many different things you can do for a loved one after you have cremation services for them. You might want to have a memorial service that has a casual nature to it, and that’s a nice way to go. You might want a celebration of life, which can be completely casual and celebratory in nature. Or, you might want to have a service that feels more like a funeral service, and that’s a good way to go as well.

cremation services Charleston, IL don’t limit what you can do for someone you loved and lost. If you want to have a funeral for them after the fact, the professionals can help you to set that up.

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