Processing Loss After Grief

Posted on November 1, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one and is looking for cremation services in Charleston, IL, they may be experiencing various feelings that can feel hard to navigate. It might also be difficult for you if you’ve never been through the process and do not understand what you can do to help them. It is beneficial to know the steps when healing after loss to be more vital support.

An individual will go through five stages in the grief process to help them begin to let go and move on. They may go through depression, anger, denial, and myriad other emotions that can show up in various ways. By taking the time to learn how to offer them comfort and care while at the same time understanding their part of the experience will help make the process an easier one.

Staying Present

After a loss occurs, an individual may not understand what to do with the emotions they are experiencing and may not know what they need. One of the most significant supports you can provide to them is to be present for their experience. This means taking the time to show up and sit with them as they go through the motions without trying to make it something different from what it is.

Allowing the Moment 

Grieving is not a linear process, and each individual will handle it in their way. The experience can be harrowing, and the primary thing to remember is not to try to change the situation to make it more comfortable for yourself. If you are experiencing discomfort, you may want to seek out your support system with family and friends. If an individual is not improving from the last, it is recommended that they seek out help from a therapist or doctor to navigate their feelings better.

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Letting it Be

Sitting with someone grieving can be uncomfortable, especially if you are also having your feelings around the situation. There is nothing that can make the process go faster, and the person will need to experience the emotions as they arise to release them. Trying to change the subject or push them to feel better more quickly than what they’re comfortable with can create a more negative outcome for the individual.

It’s good to remember that everyone will have a different experience when they are processing feelings. It’s not only a matter of going through the grief but trying to learn how to live their lives without the loved one. Staying present and allowing them to go through their feelings will let you know that you have supported them in the best way you could.

Quality Care 

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