Preparing Family For Pre-Planned Cremation Services

Posted on May 22, 2023 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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As sad as it is, you are going to pass away in the future—hopefully many years from now. You are going to need a funeral, or cremation services Mattoon, IL when that time comes. As you move forward with your life, you might look ahead to that future and want to prepare as much for your family as possible. It can give you peace of mind to know they are in good shape when that time comes. Here are a few things you are going to want to consider doing.


Write Up A Will

Any adult can (and should) have a will in place. If you have any property or assets at all, your family will want to know what you want to do with those things. When you go to a lawyer, they are going to know what people normally want to cover. They can ask the right questions and help you to get things in order. That will is something they can refer to in the future when you pass on and can cover the big things, and even some of the smaller details if you choose.


Consider Life Insurance

Life insurance is a great protection for your family and, depending on the policy can help them a good deal when you pass on. If you haven’t yet arranged and paid for your own final services, the first thing your family might use the policy money for is to cover those services. If you already paid for those services, your family can use some of the money to honor you, make donations, cover hospital bills, or even cover household expenses in your absence.


cremation services Mattoon, IL Gather Important Paperwork

Everyone has important paperwork and you know where those things are located—your family may not. It can be helpful to them to gather those documents and place them all together so they are easy to find and in one location. Let the family know where you keep those items so they can access them when needed.


Plan Cremation

While it’s not necessary, another way you can prepare for the future, and relieve your family of burdens when that time comes, is to plan out your own cremation services. You can contact a funeral home, look at the options, and get everything lined up. You can pay for those services if you want, once you have them ready to go. You don’t have to pay ahead and the services can still be ready and waiting for you in the future.


Explain Details To Family

Once you have these things in place, you will want to let your family know what you have done so they know what to do when your time comes. Let them know what lawyer has your will and how to access it. Show them where your important papers are. Tell them you want cremation services Mattoon, IL, and if you have those laid out, which funeral home holds the plans. They will understand what they need to know when the future becomes a reality.


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