Ways to Preplan for a Funeral

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Anytime an individual passes away, and loved ones need to start looking at funeral homes in Charleston, IL, this not only can cause a deep sense of grief as they are trying to process the loss. It can also cause extra stress if the individual has no set plans or last wishes for their services. It gets even more complicated if there is no funding to cover the event’s costs, so it can be incredibly helpful to gather as much knowledge as possible, and here is more information.

Why Preplan?

Preplanning is an excellent option because it allows you or the individual making the arrangements to ensure that any wishes are being fulfilled. This means that if anything specific needs to be done to create a sense of closure at the services, it will already be in place so friends or loved ones don’t have to try to guess what you or the individual planning may have wanted. And taking time to make sure the event is paid for also removes a significant burden if not already established.

What are the Options?

The starting point for preplanning is to figure out what you want to have at the event. There are multiple services to choose from like personalized funeral services and memorials. Here are just a few.

  • Herse procession
  • Cremation or burial
  • Decoration choices
  • Flower arrangements
  • Music or video tributes
  • Will there be clergy members?
  • Will there be food or a reception?
  • What kind of casket or urn will be utilized?

One good starting place to check with a local funeral home or crematory is to gain a list of all available services to help narrow down the decisions.

How Does it Get Paid for?

The budget will be the next thing to consider after looking at the details, and here are a few ways that the event can be paid for.

  • prearranged trust fund
  • prepaid contract with the Funeral Home
  • life insurance policy
  • personal savings account

There is also the option to check with outside agencies like the Social Security Administration. Depending on if the individual meets the requirements, these agencies will sometimes offer a one-time payment toward funeral costs.

funeral homes in Mattoon, IL

Making sure that the event is paid for is one of the primary ways they can be helpful to those who are having to organize the event. If there is no funding to pay for all the services, this can create a large amount of distress and potentially cause problems between family members or individuals, so ensuring there is funding in place for this is highly recommended.

Understanding the Myths

The myths surrounding funeral planning can be frustrating because there’s so much misinformation out in public about them. Funeral services are an important decision that can affect your loved one’s legacy. Getting the truth on just a few common myths around funerals may help you make this difficult time in their lives less stressful for everyone involved.

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