Navigating the Holidays After a Loss

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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The holidays are a time for gathering with family and friends and celebrating with one another. This is no different with birthdays or celebrations when memories are made, and traditions are created. But what do you do when you must plan cremation services in Humboldt, IL, and start navigating these important days without the individual? Understanding the process will help you to go through the experience easier so here are some suggestions.

Being Easy on Yourself

The first year without the individual can be an excruciating process, and you may find yourself not wanting to take part in any festivity. The primary thing to remember is that this is okay and normal to feel this way. Taking the time to lower your expectations will help to lessen the stress and allow you to feel the emotions you need to feel.

Changing What Once Was 

Another recommendation is to start re-framing how you are holding the celebrations. This could mean changing the traditions you once had and two more appropriate events with the individual in mind. You want to find ways to still celebrate without causing the ongoing pain of their missing presence.

This can also include other members or individuals who may have known or were related to the person through marriage. You may also include the favorite recipes or drinks of the individual as a way of honoring them and offering a toast.

Remember Them

There are moments when it might feel like bringing them up or mentioning their names might cause more pain than anything else, but the opposite is true. The pain will be there whether you talk about them or not, and when you can come together with other individuals and connect with happy memories, it can create a healing process for all involved.

Keeping Yourself in Mind

One of the most significant factors to be mindful of is caring for yourself as you go through the process. This is more than just practicing self-care but being aware that you might be uncomfortable or going through a time of anger or sadness. One key element to healing is not denying yourself your emotions and allowing them to be present so you can experience them and let them go. Permitting yourself to feel sad on holidays all contribute to better health and well-being.

cremation services in Humboldt, IL

Community Minded

When learning how to navigate important days through the year without your loved one being mindful that there is no time limit on healing will help with the processing. There is no right or wrong way to process a loss, so finding ways to remove the pressure to be something you might not be able to be at that moment is critical.

Having a trusting local company that can assist you as you are planning cremation services in Humboldt, IL, can make all the difference as you navigate the feelings of grief and organize an event. We offer planning and grief support as part of our services and are here to help. Give us a call to set up an appointment, and we will help you step by step.