Including Colors In Funeral Home Services

Posted on January 4, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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When you think of final services at funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, darker colors, like black, might come to mind. While black is the most traditional color to wear, it’s no longer necessary to decorate everything in black to denote the mourning process. In fact, saying an honorable goodbye to someone might mean putting some color into the service to showcase the personality of your loved one. There are ways you can get colors into the service without changing the traditions of the funeral itself. Here are a few ideas.

Through Flowers

Flowers very rarely come in black and you can infuse a variety of colors into the service with the flowers you choose. You can request certain colors from people who might send arrangements, or you can express the colors you want through what you choose for your loved one yourself. You can show red for love, yellow for a bright cheeriness and friendship, or even white for a contrast to the darker colors people might be wearing. There are a variety of options and this is a great way to get color into the space.

On The Casket

Caskets can actually come in a variety of materials and even colors. While most people don’t choose a bright color, there can be muted colors on the casket that can really stand out and make the room look lighter and brighter in the midst of the sad times. Having a lighter color on the casket, or details that are in color, can give it a unique feel that suits your loved one’s style.

In The Room Chosen

When you work with funeral homes, there are a variety of rooms from which to choose for your services. Funeral homes, unlike what you might think, aren’t dark, dank places. The rooms for the funerals and memorial services are actually bright and hopeful. You can choose which room you want based on the space it provides and the décor that you want to have to encompass the colors you’d like everyone to see.

Through The Details

You can add color to many parts of the service in a variety of ways. You can place pictures of your love done throughout the space. You can give everyone a colored ribbon to wear at the beginning of the service to honor your loved one. You can add color to the memorial cards or the bulletin you print out. You can even ask people to wear a certain color that was your loved one’s favorite, if you’d like.

funeral homes in Humboldt, IL

There are lots of ways to bring more colors into funeral homes in Humboldt, IL than the standard black and other dark colors. If you want a pop of color, talk to the professionals at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd about ways you can incorporate the color without interrupting the traditions you want to have in the service itself. We are full of ideas and we want you to honor your loved one in every way you see fit, even through colors.

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