If You Need to Plan a Winter Burial, here is Some Helpful Information

Posted on September 5, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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Historically if an individual passed away in the wintertime, it could pose more of a challenge than it does now. Once the event is planned with one of the funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, the next steps will need to be taken to put them in their final resting place. Burying someone in the winter is common, so we have created this article highlighting the most important aspects of it.

Can Someone Be Buried in Winter?

Burying individuals at colder times of the year is a common occurrence, but it always wasn’t this easy. This is because, in most cases, only shovels were available, and the ground would be too hard due to freezing, which meant the burial would have to wait. The individuals were placed in a receiving vault which would hold them until they could be placed in the ground.

With the tools available now, it is common for individuals to have winter burials and not wait until the ground warms up. The only area that could be conditional or the cemetery grounds themselves, especially if there is extensive rain or snow.

How Does the Process Work in Colder Months?

There are some primary pieces of equipment that are now used to get the process completed, and they include:

  • Heaters to help melt the frozen ground 
  • A backhoe attached to a digging crane for breaking up the groundwork effectively 
  • A thawer is used to heat the ground with a torch to make it pliable enough to dig in 
  • Jackhammers are used to break through the frost layers

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How are the Graveside Services Handled?

In most cases, you can have a graveside service in the winter, but it will depend on how the weather is behaving. in most cases, the cemeteries will help accommodate the families who want to have the graveside service and may need to incorporate plowing services so individuals can access the area more safely.

Alternatively, the families may have an indoor event and only choose a limited number of people to come to the grave. They may also skip going to the plot site entirely and choose to have a gathering in spring.

Are There Alternatives?

There are some alternatives if the individual cannot be buried due to the temperatures and one option is to place the individual in a mausoleum which is a burial chamber above ground. In addition, cremation is also an option and choosing a warmer location to lay the individual to rest.

Our Focus is on Providing Exceptional Services 

As you can see, a winter burial can be accomplished in some, but it can be complicated depending on the weather. It can be helpful to speak to a director at one of the funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, when you need to make accommodations or plan the event because they can help you understand your options more clearly. And if you’re looking for exceptional service, we are a trusted name. We have been providing compassionate and caring services since 1934, and our team is here to assist you, so contact us today.