Facts and Information about Burial Crypts

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You have probably heard of burial crypts before, but how much do you know about them? When an individual passes away, and services are held with one of the funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, they will be buried either in the ground or a mausoleum. Using crypts is not as common as they once were, but their purpose is still essential to consider, so here is more information on them.

What are Crypts?

A crypt is a type of chamber or vault used to store the remains of the deceased. These containers are typically found underground or in a mausoleum for safekeeping. Crypts originally started with ancient civilizations and were identified in Greece, Italy, and South America for individuals like priests, saints, or anyone else who was worthy of being buried in a church. Their popularity spread through early Europe, and they were used for traditional burials as well as for holding relics.

What Types of Crypts Exist?

There are five main types of crypts today, including:


The lawn crypt is also known as a mausoleum that is underground. Typically, these crypts have more than one casket, and in many cases, multiple people’s coffins will be placed next to each other or stacked below and above. Most lawn crypts are below ground, but some above can hold multiple spaces and others are both above and below with a small set of stairs leading downwards.


Single is the most common type of crypt, and the spacing is intended for one person in a casket and is typically stored in mausoleums.


This option allows two individuals to be placed next to one another.


Companion crypts have enough room for two coffins or caskets in one space.


Family crypts are intended for anyone who wanted to be placed there with the family name.

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Inside the Crypt

The interior of the crypts is typically dry, dark, and cold. One single crypt might be small and only have room for the deceased’s casket. In most cases, there will be a ventilation system leading away from the space to help reduce any odors.

Do Crypts Smell?

After the casket is placed inside, any openings will be sealed on it. This process is completed using a specific glue or caulking; in some cases, an outer layer will be placed around the exterior of the container. The casket may also have plastic put around it to give extra protection. A well-maintained crypt will have a ventilation system is also in place to help reduce any unwanted or foul odors.

Exceptional Services Based on Compassionate Care

Crypts have a rich history and are now used by anyone that wants to have their remains placed in one. They are a critical step for some families and can be considered an honorable option. Creating memorable services is crucial and if you are researching funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, let us help you through the process. We are a locally owned company that provides expert care for all our clients, so contact us today.

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