Facts and Considerations for Using a Columbarium

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After the cremation services in Charleston, IL, are completed, some individuals will choose to have their loved one’s remains placed in an urn and take them home for safekeeping. Others may choose burial, or a scattering ceremony based on the loved one’s wishes and the family’s personal needs. However, there is one more option for storing the ashes, so keep reading for more information.

Columbarium History and Information

These unique structures were first noted as being used back in the Roman era. The design was based on the rooftop housing built for the doves with individual compartments for the animals. In some cases, the structures were also constructed underground in chambers to help store the loved one’s remains; then, there were also utilized in Asia, particularly with the Buddhist faith, by creating temples and elaborate resting areas.

The structures are traditionally built from marble, bronze, or even concrete. There may be standalone structures built in cemeteries, or they can be commonly found in places of worship as a wall or room devoted to the cremated remains.

The structures are built to have independent compartments inside of them called niches. These spaces can range in size and offer three available materials for the front area.

  • Granite is one option, but it is more challenging to make it personalized, although it can be sealed, making it a more secure choice for the loved one’s remains.
  • Bronze is a softer material and easier to inscribe so that you can add in things like dates, names, or even a phrase about the loved one.
  • Glass is another popular choice because it allows for more personalization than the others. In most cases, items can be displayed inside the window, such as souvenirs like flowers, for onlookers to witness.

There are many reasons why individuals may choose to utilize the columbarium, including:

  • It may be too painful to have the loved ones remains at the home
  • Because urns are not always secure, storing them in a columbarium reduces the risk of spillage
  • It can be cheaper than choosing a traditional burial

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What Will it Cost to Use a Columbarium?

The cost generally starts at around $700 and can go up to $2200 or more depending on a few factors:

  • The size of the niche (there are a couple and family-sized available)
  • The day that the remains are placed in the niche
  • If the structure is indoor or outdoor
  • The location of the columbarium (a larger city may be more costly)
  • If there are any fees for the cemetery
  • The area of the niche inside the columbarium
  • Extra added features like shelves or vases

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