Companion Urns are One Type of Vessel to Choose From, and Here’s More on Them

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Choosing the right turn after an individual passes away is crucial, and some people may have wanted to have their ashes placed together in the same space. Once the cremation has been completed with one of the funeral homes in Charleston, IL, picking a companion urn will be necessary. So, we have gathered some basic information about them and ways to make them more personalized.

Companion Urn Facts

Companion vessels are also known as double urns, and this is due to their size. The average urn will hold between 350 and 400 cubic inches of cremated remains, and if you consider that one pound of a standard size person equals one cubic inch, knowing their weight can give you a better idea of what size you need.

The urns can come in two different options, with one being a larger size that can hold both people’s remains and the other having an area that can hold two individual urns. There are six different common types of urns available on the market, including:


This option is generally a larger choice that will resemble the shape of a vase. They are relatively easy to get online and can be enhanced or reduced in size.

Stone Companion

The stone companion is designed to look similar to a grave marker and will typically be rectangular and long and made out of granite, marble, or onyx.

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If you’re looking for something that has a more modern feeling, the metal one might be a great choice because they can come in rose gold, silver, copper, or bronze. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so this material will make customization easier.


Wood has a unique aesthetic to it, giving it a more rustic and warm tone, and there are multiple different color variations to choose from. They can also come in different stains, or you can decorate them yourself by adding some touches of color to them.

Wall Plaque

The wall plaque is a more common option, and the design is a three-dimensional box that most often has a frame. These can also be customized with different favorite photos, or you can include engravings with specific quotes or phrases about the loved ones.


The last recommendation will be for individuals who were more eco-friendly or didn’t want their ashes to be held onto for an extended period. The biodegradable urns are great for individuals who want to have their ashes scattered or buried in a specific location because the material is compostable and will break down when it meets water or soil.

Your Local Source for Expert Care 

A companion urn is an option that can be customized to make it feel more personal and remember the loved ones in the care they had for one another. Getting the highest quality services and products on the market is crucial, and if you’re looking at funeral homes in Charleston, IL, we are a trusted source for compassionate care. We take great pride in creating exceptional services based on honoring our client’s loved ones, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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