Tips and Ideas for Creating a Truly Unique Urn for Your Loved One

Posted on August 22, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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Cremation services in Mattoon, IL

Cremation services in Mattoon, IL, offer compassion and care resources that can help create a significant experience. Once the services are completed, the individual will need to be placed in an urn to house the remains. One way to help with the grief process is to create an urn it feels authentic and memorable, so we have gathered some tips and ideas here to help you get started.

Choose a Special Design

The design you choose for your urn Can offer multiple benefits, including creating a feeling of connection to the left through personalization and promoting a sense of healing because of this connection. Choosing the design can be one of the more difficult tasks because there are so many options available on the market, so one thing to consider is what kind of a person was the individual.

For someone who is more streamlined and contemporary, you might pick something with straight edges and geometric shapes. Or, for someone who is more joyful and artistic, you might pick something with flowing lines and a more expressive design.

Consider Adding in Some Color

Color can be another great way to highlight individuals’ impact on the world around them. Most companies who design urns can add color to the item, or you might choose to change it yourself and customize it in a way that feels more appropriate for you.

The Material MattersCremation services Mattoon, IL

The material you choose can also directly reflect who the individual was, so pick accordingly. If the individual was more straightforward and streamlined or contemporary, you might pick using marble or granite. Or, if you know someone who believes in being sustainable, a biodegradable urn might be the right choice.

Adding in Photos

Companies are getting more advanced at what they can add customization on, and adding photos or symbols to items can create a genuinely thoughtful option. Picking a favorite image of the deceased can be a great way to make the urn truly meaningful, and if you don’t have a specific photo to choose from, you could also consider adding images of things that remind you. Some ideas can include:

  • Mountain ranges
  • Water scenes
  • Images of animals
  • Plants or flowers
  • Representations of favorite hobbies or passions they had

Customized Inscriptions

Customization can also include incorporating different forms of expression through writing. This could mean having favorite quotes, poems, phrases, or words of grief or love they feel appropriate added to the urn.

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As you can see, these are just a few ways to personalize the urn, so taking time and pic details that feel truly meaningful can be beneficial. If you need support with the cremation services in Mattoon, IL, we are here to assist. We have been serving our community since 1934, and our business is based on offering integrity and honesty to all our clients. We understand the pain of loss and want to help you create a memorable event so contact us today.