Working With Funeral Homes During Today’s Troubled Times

Posted on May 4, 2020 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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funeral homes in Charleston, ILThe country, and much of the world, is going through quite a troubled time right now. With shelter-in-place orders in most states, people aren’t able to leave their homes, gather with loved ones, and go about their everyday lives. That is especially troubling when a family member passes on and you have to work with funeral homes in Charleston, IL in order to arrange final services. While, of course, your family members can get the services they need, the gathering rules of 10 people or less still apply for funerals and memorial services. Here are a few things to consider if you find yourself in this position:

Have A Virtual Funeral

Your closest, immediate family members can attend a small funeral or memorial service in town together and you can have the service live streamed or recorded so others can join in within the comfort and safety of their own homes. It’s sad that this is how things have to be done, but at least you can include as many people as possible in that way. Those who want to ‘attend’ online can do so, and they are able to get as close to the process as possible at this time.

Hold Off On The Memorial

If you really want people to be able to come together to honor your loved one, that’s still possible. You just have to wait. You could go with direct cremation and then, you can hold the memorial service whenever you want to in the future. There’s no timeline on the process when you have cremation done soon after death. You can wait for the virus to clear up and for people to be able to gather again and that way, you have time to plan something really special as well.

Now And Later

If you want a funeral for your loved one, you can’t wait until after to move forward. But one thing you could do is have a funeral now with just a few close family members and then, in the future when things are clear, you can have a similar memorial service for everyone else who might want to attend. There’s no reason honoring your loved one twice can’t be done. It could bring them even more honor, in fact. And they get two different types of services and you are able to include everyone.

When you are in the position of working with funeral homes in Charleston, IL amidst the craziness that is the world right now, there’s only so much you can do. But you can ensure that your loved one is in good hands and well cared for, which is the most important thing at this point. Contact the professionals at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd and we can go over the options you have at hand at this point. We can also talk about the future and what you might want to do when those times come up and things clear up around the country.

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