What Happens at Celebration of Life Service After Cremation

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There are a lot of reasons why most families are choosing cremation. Some of the reasons include because someone in the family has also been cremated, or they want an environmentally friendly disposition, and more importantly, families desired to plan a memorable and meaningful way to honor their loved ones. One of the most popular and unique services nowadays is the celebration of life. Yet, whether the family has chosen the traditional casket or cremation, a ceremony-like celebration of life can still be held. Good thing, our cremation services near Mattoon, IL offers a dignified service and cares not just for the need of the family but also for the deceased. Now, whether you’re attending or the one who’s planning, it is necessary to know what takes place in a celebration of life after you’ve chosen the cremation.


At a celebration of life, you can expect that the main character is deceased. The whole event is dedicated to the departed’s life and the successes, accomplishments, and memories that the deceased have imparted. Most of the time, family and friends come together at the life celebration to share and reminisce memories of someone they love who recently departed. Another thing, in a celebration of life, there will also be singing, the favorite songs of the deceased can be played, or if anyone wants to offer a song for the loved one, they are also allowed to. There can also be joyful praise and a playlist of the deceased’s favorite songs.


cremation services near Mattoon, ILFurthermore, there will food and beverages at the life celebration. You can eat and drink while telling stories about the deceased among friends and families. Not just that, there will also be readings such as poems or excerpts spoken. There are times that you may encounter karaoke, photo booths with props, blowing bubbles, and many more. In addition, some families or you can also provide small tokens for the attendees of the ceremony.


Given these situations, the main point is that every aspect of a life celebration, from the menu to the decor to the order of service, may be highly, highly personalized. If you’re attending such an event, you can expect the following things mentioned above. Yet, if you’re the one who’s planning, you may also include the stated above for your loved one, but the decision is yours to make.


All in all, the whole idea of the celebration of life is to do something unique to deviate from the norm or the traditional way of honoring the life of the deceased. Since, the fact that it focuses more on the life of the celebrant or deceased, you can surely expect that the atmosphere is more positive. Naturally, it is very normal for there to still be melancholy even during a life celebration. To celebrate life is not to reject the fact of death and sadness, but rather to change the focus from the deceased to the life they lived and the legacy they left us.


If you have more questions about the celebration of life after a cremation or the cremation itself, don’t hesitate to reach our cremation services near Mattoon, IL. We’re here for you, anytime.

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