What Can you Do with a Loved One’s Ashes?

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When someone passes away and an individual looks for funeral homes in Charleston, IL, or cremation services, several questions can arise depending on the situation. If an individual has a funeral service, they may be opting to be buried in a cemetery plot, but if the person is being cremated, they will need an urn to house the remains.

The cremation process works by incinerating the individual’s body at temperatures of up to 1800 degrees until the process is completed. At that point, the individual’s remains are ground down and then placed into a vessel. Here are some suggestions for storing an individual’s ashes after they have been cremated.

Choosing an Urn

Traditionally the urn is the first choice for individuals when they need to store their loved one’s remains. Fortunately, with the demands of consumers, companies are creating alternative and more personalized options when it comes to this vessel. Depending on your budget and how extravagant you want to go, the earn can run anywhere from $50 up into the thousands.

The cost is all contingent on what type of material is utilized for the product. Other fees may come, such as shipping costs or engraving. You can check with your local Funeral Home or look online to find suppliers.

Art Sculpture

Some people are avid art lovers and take part in their loved one’s remains by combining them with glass. You can create a beautiful display while knowing that your loved one is being honored at the same time.

Wearable Memorabilia

Companies are also specializing in creating wearable jewelry. Another option is to manufacture diamonds or other types of plated necklaces or bracelets that have words written in the deceased’s handwriting.

funeral homes in Charleston, IL


Some companies offer to place a loved one’s remains in a pod and have them sent into outer space. This can be ideal for the astronomer or someone who loved the stars. You may also want to consider combining their ashes into a pod that a tree can grow out of. This is a great gift idea for an avid gardener to provide them with a plant that they could nourish and care for.

Scattering is another choice if the individual would instead not be kept in a vessel. It is not uncommon to see individuals scattering the remains in a more naturalistic setting such as over the water or in a National Park. Keep in mind there are restrictions with the EPA so check with local agencies before proceeding with this to ensure a safe and legal service.

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