What Can I offer Someone After Their Loved One Dies?

Posted on October 4, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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Knowing what to say when someone loses a loved one can be uncomfortable if you have no experience. The first impulse may be to leave them alone with their grief because they may not be responding familiarly. But with the loss process, isolation is common and can be detrimental long term if the person is not handling the experience healthily. It is no secret that looking for funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, can be a challenging situation to go through, but with some supportive gestures, there are other ways to offer help.

What are the Options?

Often when someone loses a loved one, they can get lost in the experience of the emotions they are going through. There can be a massive fluctuation of emotions that will go from anger to sadness, and they may not be able to navigate this if they have never experienced it before. The direct support you can offer is to show up for them. In most cases, the individual may not take care of their household duties like cleaning or cooking, so offering acts of service in this area can be highly beneficial and welcomed. Even a simple task like picking up their groceries can provide a certain level of relief to the person.

The next thing you can offer is to check in with them regularly. Leading to the funeral can be a time of distraction, and they may be able to function because they are not dealing with their emotions due to the requirements. Offering scheduled phone calls or texts can remind them that you are not alone and available for them.

Offering memories to share with them is another healing process that can happen. It can help make them smile and remind them that even in the sadness they are going through, there are beautiful things that have happened with the individual. You can create a book that has memories and photos that will also remind them of the good times they have shared. There is an idea of offering an inspirational gift such as a CD with favorite music or some form of a relaxation process that can help them let go.

funeral homes in Mattoon, IL

Taking them out for dinner or an adventure if they are ready. The person may need to be picked up and taken out of their home if they struggle. Even a short trip for a drive or to the beach might help perk them up and get them smiling for a short time.

A Company you Can Depend On

Sitting with someone through a loss can be a difficult place to navigate, and when you have experienced a loss, you want a company that cares. Finding compassionate funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, can be challenging, but not with Mitchel-Jerdan Funeral Home. Our only goal is to provide you with caring support as you go through your process, so call us today.