Ways To Include Loves Ones In Your Cremation Services

Posted on July 27, 2020 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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When you are planning your own final services out in advance, there are certain things you might know you want for your own sake, like cremation services in Charleston, IL. But you know that while your services revolve around you, they are also going to be heavily about your loved ones who will be grieving your loss. Here are a few ideas for ways you can include your loved ones in your plans so they get what they need when you pass on.

cremation services in Charleston, IL

Ask Certain People To Witness The Cremation

Many funeral homes allow people to watch the cremation process as it takes place from a special room. This can help your loved ones get the closure they need and they often like the idea that you are not left along to go through it on your own. If that is something you would like, you can specify the people you would like to be witnesses or you can just ask that your close family be there and leave it up to them as to who wants to attend. Not everyone is okay with the idea while some people really want to be there.

Designate A Reception Arranger

It’s hard to arrange every detail of a reception when you do not know when the plans will be needed. Instead of trying, choose someone to make the receptions plans for you. You can leave whatever directions or wishes you have and then allow them to set things up on your behalf. You generally don’t want this to be a close family member, who will have other things on their mind, but perhaps maybe a friend, a cousin, or something else of that nature.

Ask For Readings Or Songs

If there are people in your family who are musically inclined, you might ask that they share a song at the memorial service in your honor. Those who aren’t singers or musicians could be asked to read something instead. That’s a nice way to include more people in the service in a special way.

Consider Cremation Jewelry

It might be obvious to you who you want to keep your ashes if you want your urn in a family home. But if you have more than one obvious choice, you could purchase some cremation jewelry that your family members can each have so some of your ashes will be with a variety of people after you pass on.

There are plenty of ways to make sure your family is included in the cremation services in Charleston, IL that you are planning for yourself. Contact the professionals at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd and we can help you with the process from start to finish. If including your family is important to you, we can suggest ideas and ways that can help you suit each person you are concerned with. We want you to have everything set up just right to honor you in the future, whenever that time might come.

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