Tips and Ideas for a Thoughtful Scattering Ceremony

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Cremation services in Humboldt, IL offer an opportunity to truly honor an individual after they have passed away. Some people may choose to keep the remains at home and urn, but others may want to scatter the ashes in a specific location. If this is the case, it can be a thoughtful option to add a form of ceremony for the scattering, so here are some popular ideas to help you get started.

What are the Details?

Anytime you’re planning an event or ceremony like a scattering, you want to consider a few details, including:

  • Choosing a location that’s meaningful unless the loved one had already requested a specific place
  • Adding in decorations that could be color coordinated or themed based on the loved one’s wishes or personality
  • Playing music that would best represent who the person was or picking an artist that they enjoyed
  • Deciding on who is going to be doing the ash scattering unless it’s going to be a group effort
  • When choosing a location, if it is a public area like a park or beach, doing it during a time of day when there are fewer people around to create a more private event
  • Creating the announcement or invitation about the scattering

Popular Ideas

A few of the most popular ways to scatter ashes include:


Trenching involves digging a hole or a trench in the ground and pouring the ashes in. The earth is then placed over the ashes, and this can be adorned with a marker of some kind to help signify the location.


Casting is the traditional style of scattering where they are sent into the wind. This can be done with a scattering urn, a scattering tube, or by hand.

RingingCremation services Humboldt, IL

Ringing is when individuals take a specific object, possibly something of the loved ones or even a tree or space in nature, and place the ashes around the outside of it.

Ceremony Additions

One popular method individuals use is to scatter the remains at sea or somewhere on the water. This can be enhanced by adding flower petals as the remains are released into the currents.

Scattering the ashes in the sky is another way people release the ashes. This is especially true if the loved one was a pilot or had a hobby that took them up into the air. There is special equipment available to ensure that the ashes are spread where you need them to be.

Some other additions people will put into the scattering ceremonies or releasing things like paper lanterns, doves, or butterflies. Some people have created paper boats and placed the ashes in those with the water ceremony. The main thing is to keep the loved one in mind and incorporate hobbies or something that made them unique into the event.

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