Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

Posted on October 18, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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The loss of a loved one is challenging to say the least, and if someone you know has had to look at funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, you may be wondering what kind of a gift would be appropriate. This is particularly difficult around holidays and anniversaries to determine what might be well suited, so here are some suggestions to make the purchase easier.

Different Choices for Gifts

If you have already offered your time by sitting with the individual and spending time with them as they’ve gone through the process, that’s a great starting point. There are times in the grief process when the person may not find the strength to keep their house picked up or buy their groceries, so being physically present is a great gift to offer.

There can be other situations where the person may just need some kind words and know that someone is there for them in their time of pain.


If you have already done these for the individual and would like to offer them a heartfelt gift, one suggestion would be getting them a personalized card around their experience and their loved ones. The card is an excellent gift because they can choose to put it on display and have it as a reference when they are having a hard time.

Quilt or Blanket

Another idea is to have a blanket made from old remnants from the individual’s life. This could be pieces of t-shirts or old clothing that can be sewn together to create a quilt that can bring warmth and comfort to the one left behind.


There are memorial jewelry options on the market that can personalize with the individual’s handwriting is scripted into the bracelet or necklace. This is a beautiful gift that the individual can wear and take with them wherever they may go.

Memory Books

Other companies are offering photo books that are personalized to the individual. This would be supplying media of the loved one who has passed away, and the company will take these images and create a book offering a remembrance of the person.

Plant a Tree

For the nature lover, you could opt to plant a tree or a bush in their memory. If the loved one left behind is a gardener, it’s a great reminder and offers them an opportunity to nurture the plant as it grows.

funeral homes in Humboldt, IL

Other Options

There are other popular options on the market, like an ornament with a favorite photo engraved into it. Gift cards are another excellent choice for sending groceries, so the individual doesn’t have to cook.

A Company Who Understands

All these suggestions will be beneficial for people that are experiencing grief. Using your best judgment will help you decide if these are appropriate for the individual. If you have lost a loved one and are looking at funeral homes in Humboldt, IL, you may need some support to help you through the process. Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home wants you to know we are here to help, so give us a call today.

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