Preserving the Memories of a Loved One in Cremation

Posted on March 13, 2023 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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cremation services at Humboldt, IL

It will never be easy to talk about death even if everyone will surely face it in the future. As a matter of fact, when you are in a situation itself where a loved one passed away, it is still hard to have a conversation about it. But, the good thing in contemplating it is the preservation of someone you love. People nowadays are more into the cremation of their loved ones or planning to have it themselves as their final disposition. And the beauty of cremation in preserving the memories of the departed cannot be denied. Fortunately, we also offer cremation services at Humboldt, IL, and other dignified services.


The followings are some of the cremation services options that can help you in honoring and the preservation of the memories of your loved one who recently departed:


Graveside Funeral Service

A graveside service is a memorial service held at a cemetery or mausoleum before or after the burial or interment of cremated remains. It can be held on its own or after a more traditional funeral ceremony, which may be held elsewhere. In this way, you can make a permanent gathering place where everyone can visit, honor, and memorialize your loved one’s cremains, whenever they want to.


Committal Service

The term “commitment” derives from the purpose of the service, which is to bury the deceased in the ground. The service is considered the final farewell from family and friends to the departed and is often a solemn affair. In this service, you can gather your family and friends to honor, share or reminisce the memory you shared with your loved one who just passed away. This type of service opens the door to healing at the same time maintaining the memories that your loved one had.


Ash Scattering

cremation services at Humboldt, IL Another cremation service option that you can have, is ash scattering. You might be familiar with and have heard of this term. So, in this service, ashes are scattered by releasing them outside, where they decay and merge with nature. These types of ash scattering ceremonies are growing in popularity, and we have helped numerous families design the ideal event. Surely, even in the ash scattering you can still preserve the memories of the departed whom you dearly loved. With the ash scattering service, you can plan a unique way to memorialize the life of a loved one by scattering their cremains.


Death should not stop us from loving someone who just departed. The memories and relationships you had with them must be preserved and shared with other people. That is why holding the services mentioned above will be a great outlet to help you express all your emotions and with your healing process.


Our cremation services at Humboldt, IL wants you to know that we are willing to help you in those trying times, and that is also the main reason why we have different services to offer to you. So, we can make sure that you get what you want for your loved one as well as for yourself. With that, feel free to contact us anytime.

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