Preplanning Can Be Essential, So Here are Options to Help Get You Started

Posted on May 2, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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cremation services in Charleston, IL

When planning funeral or cremation services in Charleston, IL, it can feel like a big task to try to remember everything that needs to be included in the event. And whether you are doing the planning or helping someone else who is, the main goal is to allow friends and family members to focus on honoring the individual and celebrating them. There are a few things to consider that can help create an authentic and honorable plan, and here are some suggestions.

Complete a Will

The first thing that needs completing is a will, and if this isn’t done already, then a judge will distribute the remaining assets to the heirs. This can also cause complications because the remaining individuals may not know what to do with any belongings. In some cases, they may even cause issues among the family members if there is a dispute on who gets what item.

Create a Payment Option

The next thing to consider is creating a bank account or contacting a funeral home to create a contract where the services will be paid in full. These could be done over time, and one common choice is making a transfer agreement that when the individual passes away, it will be given to whoever is assigned to the account.

In addition to this, another alternative is to have an insurance policy in place, so when the time comes, these funds can be utilized to help pay for any of the expenses.
cremation services Charleston, IL

Choose the Final Resting Option

There are many options available, and whether a traditional funeral or a direct burial is preferred, it’s essential to understand the different details that can be involved and the prices that go with them. An average casket will cost around $2000 but can go up to 10,000 depending on how extravagant it is. Direct cremation may only cost about $1000, but like the casket, the price can go up depending on all involved in the process.

Pick the Details

The details will be another part of the planning, and you want to make sure that the individual is going to be truly honored, and their last wishes are fulfilled. Choosing between items like floral arrangements, decorations, reception choices, or even a hearse procession will all add to the budget, so keep this in mind as you are planning.

Find a Provider

The last consideration is who will be doing the services. You want to have a company that will help you through the process, so you don’t have to guess about prices or what will happen next. You also want to make sure that they’re going to be able to uphold any religious or cultural traditions that you have or any special requests.

Professional Services and Exceptional Care

These are just a few aspects to consider when it comes to funeral and cremation services in Charleston, IL, so if you need support, we are here to help. Our company has a sole focus on providing all our clients with the highest level of compassionate care in the market, and we have been in business since 1934, so contact us today for an appointment.

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