Planning a Unique Funeral Reception Can Be an Easier Experience with These Great Ideas

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After a loved one passes away, typically, a reception will be included with the services. The event can be completed at one of the funeral homes in Charleston, IL, and finding details to add to it can be an excellent way to help make it a memorable experience. The reception provides an opportunity for individuals to connect, and regardless of the type you’re having, it will take some planning, so let’s look at some details. 

Planning Tips 

Planning the reception can take a lot of work, especially if many people attend the event. There are a few ways to make this processing easier, and they include: 

  • Getting extra help and support if needed 
  • Picking a location that was meaningful for the deceased or makes the reception process easier 
  • Don’t feel obligated to make the reception elaborate, and keep it simple if that feels appropriate 
  • Include photos or any favored memorabilia of the individual 
  • If someone offers help, don’t turn them down 
  • Don’t feel required to provide a full course meal or alcohol 
  • Remembering to incorporate any cultural or religious traditions 
  • Give yourself adequate time to get the event planned 
  • Remember there are no specific rules about how the event needs to go, so choose details that feel appropriate 

Personalized Details 

In some cases, you may want to use resources like local restaurants or even make it a potluck to help alleviate some of the expenses and stress. The primary purpose of the reception is to give individuals a chance to reflect on their life and share memories they have with them. Adding special touches to the event can foster this; a few recommendations you can include are: 

  • Picking a food or beverage that the loved one enjoyed 
  • Music that was significant for them or songs that help express your love for them 
  • Having a candle lighting ceremony or paper lantern release 
  • Creating a video tribute that can be shown during the reception 
  • Offering a gift for the attendees when they leave 
  • Giving a eulogy speech 
  • Having a unique addition like a live band, food truck, or dancing 
  • Creating a specialty drink and naming it after the loved one 

Depending on your chosen location, decorating the space may be more difficult. One way to accommodate almost any area is to make it a color-coordinated event. You could consider adding wildflower bouquets, candles, or any personal items significant to the deceased. 

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Your Trusted Source for Expert Care 

There are many ways to make the reception memorable and feel like a more authentic event, and it can be completed by careful planning. Trying to figure out the details of all the events around individuals passing away can be confusing. We are here to support you if you have been researching funeral homes in Charleston, IL. Our expert team has provided care since 1934 when our company was first established. We have a deep sense of commitment to our community and would love to help you through the process, so contact us today. 

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