Memorial Favor Ideas that are Thoughtful

Posted on March 21, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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The pain of loss can be a challenging experience for an individual, so having others show support at the cremation services in Charleston, IL, can make a difference and the overall feeling. One way to thank you is to offer a memorial favor that individuals can take home to remember the loved one. Here are a few suggestions on items you can provide at the service.

Something Sweet

Because funeral and cremation services can be a sad and emotionally trying experience, it can be a nice gesture to offer something sweet as a favor. If the loved one had a favorite cookie or candy, you could consider providing this wrapped up in a nice package with a bow. In addition to this, it is advised to list any ingredients so if there are any allergies; individuals will know if they can ingest them.

Tea Infusers

If the individual was an avid tea drinker, a tea infuser might be the right choice. There are multiple companies specializing in this option, and they come in a variety of shapes along with a note that’s personalized about the individual.

Recipe Cards

Home-cooked meals or desserts are always a great way to create comfort and connection. If the individual had a recipe, they prepared every year at the holidays or on special days, this can be a great option to offer those attending.

Handwritten Notes

If the services were already planned, you might have the individual write a personalized note with a favorite quote, scripture, or poem. This can be useful because individuals can look at it and read it if they have a moment where they need to reflect or require extra strength that the individual provided.


It’s not uncommon to see stickers on individuals’ vehicles promoting causes or simply having catchy and funny phrases. The stickers can also be used in the same way as a memorial favor but by highlighting the individual’s information, which can be placed on a vehicle or personal item of the attendees.


music is one way that many individuals use to promote healing in their lives and creating a CD with a collection of favorite songs of the deceased can be highly beneficial. The music can help individuals connect to the loved one and even support the expression of emotions to promote healing.

cremation services in Charleston, ILPlaying Cards

Card decks would be another unique idea, especially if the individual were a fan of playing. The decks can be personalized with their information and any memorable phrases you would like added. The main benefit is that anytime you decide to play a game with the cards, you can use that as an opportunity to remember the individual.

Keeping Your Family at the Heart of Things

Loss can be a challenging experience, and the feelings can fluctuate even more after the cremation services in Charleston, IL, which is why you need a company that you can count on for the process. We specialize in multiple options and would love to help you get started, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.