Mapping Out The Memorial Display For Cremation Services

Posted on October 26, 2020 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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If your family is having cremation services in Trilla, IL for someone in the family who has passed away, it’s important to put together some kind of memorial display so family members and friends can remember your loved one’s joyous life occasions and the way they lived. IF you are tasked with creating that display, here are some things you might do to map out what it will look like.

See The Space

It is important you know how much space you will have to dedicate to the memorial. You don’t want to gather a bunch of things that you aren’t able to fit on the small table that will be available. You also don’t want to have a giant table dedicated to the memorial and only bring a small number of pictures. Seeing the space you have available for the memorial items can help you figure out what you want to do with the area.

Draw It Out

Once you know what the area looks like and how much room you have, draw it out on a smaller scale and add items as you decide what you want for the table or area. That can help you see how things will fit together. Then, when you arrive at the memorial service you will know where things will go, and the actual placement part will go faster and easier.

Collect Items

If you already know what items you need, you can then collect them and see what all you can get together. You might have to ask family members for pictures and other items, or you will just have to dig them out of your own collection yourself. Gather everything together and perhaps lay it out at home to make sure the way you plan to organize it looks nice.

Lay Items Out

Placing the items in a similar-sized space at home can help you see if you have too much or too little and what looks good where. It’s nice to have everything laid out so you can see how the flow goes as well.

As you make plans for the memorial display, don’t overdo it and gather too many things. You don’t want there to be too much or people won’t have time to see it all and it might even feel overwhelming.

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The professionals that help you with cremation services in Trilla, IL can also give you ideas and suggestions for the memorial display. IF you have the services in the facilities with Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd, we can show you how much space is available and even help you set the area up when you bring the items in for the memorial services or funeral. It’s nice to have a display for your family member to honor their memory and show important parts of their life. It’s a nice way for you to participate in honoring them and show your family the support and sympathy you have for them as you move ahead with your plans.

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