If you Need to Get a Loved One’s Headstone Inscribed, here are Some Excellent Options to Choose From

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The inscription or epitaph is integral to choosing the headstone because it represents the individual’s legacy and thoughts about them. Typically, one of the funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, can help complete this, but understanding some options can make the experience easier. So, let’s take a look at some excellent choices below. 

Funny Options 

If the deceased was someone with a sense of humor or who loved to make jokes, this could be a great way to remember them and highlight this personality trait. A funny inscription can be a meaningful way to honor them, but you want to make sure that the individuals visiting the site will also find the message humorous to help with the healing process. 

Song Lyrics 

If the deceased had a favorite song for artists that they enjoy, another meaningful option is to choose a title or lyrics and have it inscribed on the tombstone. This can be an excellent way to highlight a part of their personality; anyone who knows them may see this as a meaningful expression. 

Personalized Ideas  

Another great choice is to come up with a personalized inscription. This could also be done with friends or family members who knew the individual and can be a way to allow them to contribute to the headstone with a statement that’s personalized and deeply meaningful. 

A Favorite Quote  

It’s not uncommon for people to have their favorite quotes or phrases regularly. They could be inspirational or something that reminds them to smile. In either case, this is another option to add to the headstone that expresses who they were and commemorates their memory. 

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Images and Details 

Words aren’t the only option when decorating the headstone; one way to give it a unique look is by working with a local artist. There’s almost nothing off limits now with the technology available to create images and visuals that feel like an authentic choice. Choosing a picture-based inscription might be the right option in this could be anything ranging from an image of the loved one to something they enjoyed, such as a hobby or passion. 

You also may consider asking yourself some questions and using the answers to create an inscription. Some examples include: 

  • What would you like to say to the person? 
  • Why were they special to you? 
  • How do you want them to be remembered? 

Your Locally Owned and Trusted Experts for Care  

Undoubtedly, making a meaningful headstone inscription can help express an individual’s life and create a sense of healing for the loved ones. It can offer comfort when visiting the individual’s grave site and remind them of how the individual positively influenced their lives. 

Choosing a headstone is just one aspect of the process, and if you are researching funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, we are here to help. We have been a local provider to provide compassion and care for all our clients, so contact us today if you have any questions. 

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