How to Plan Your Own Funeral

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Planning your own funeral might not be an easy thing to do, yet it is an amazing act of love for those you will leave behind. Most people do not plan for their own funeral, in fact, it is not a usual thing to do. And, when planning for a funeral, the bereaved family is the one who does it. Yet, these days, you can do it yourself and it really brings a lot of benefits. One of the big advantages of it is that you will be able to help the surviving family ease the burden when you leave them. We, at funeral homes in Charleston, IL want to help you as well in outlining your funeral for you. We also commend you for taking up the courage to think and plan your own final arrangements.


With that, let’s discuss the things you need in order to plan your own funeral.


1. Select A Funeral Home or Mortuary

Choosing a funeral home or mortuary is an important decision. It is because these providers will be the ones who will pick up your body from the place of death. Funeral homes usually offer a complete set of services for the bereaved families, including the planning and organizing of a ceremony, as well as assisting in the obituary. Mortuaries on the other hand tend to focus more on the preparation of the body for cremation or burial.

When planning for your own funeral, you have the opportunity to choose from a funeral home or mortuary.


2. Choose Burial, Cremation or Both

In this part, you are to select and decide what you want as for your final disposition and what happens to your body after you pass away. You can choose burial if you want to be buried or cremation if you wish to be cremated. Or if you want to do both, you can do it so. There will be a lot of options that you can see as you plan. Then, you can also check the prices of these services and choose what suits your needs.


funeral homes in Charleston IL 3. Picking A Casket or Urn

One of the things you should also consider in planning for your own funeral is choosing where you want your body or remains will be placed. Arranging this ahead will surely help your family reduce the strain of spending more money on it.


4. Plan A Funeral Service

In planning your funeral, you will also have the opportunity to take charge of arranging the service that you like. With this one, you have a lot of options, such as doing the traditional funeral service, memorial service, or even having the most popular one, which is the celebration of life. You can plan for it or hire a professional director to help you out with the planning.


So far, these are the things that you must prepare for your own funeral. It is to help you out by giving you tips on how to have your own funeral that you want. Also, luckily our company of funeral homes in Charleston, IL do also offer service such as this one. Please contact us for more details and our staff will be there to fully assist you.

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