Honoring The Loved One’s Cremation Anniversary

Posted on July 12, 2021 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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There are lots of things that are going to change around your loved one’s death and the cremation services in Mattoon, IL you have for them. In order to grieve and move forward without them, you are going to have to find a new sense of normal. Even when you do that, there are going to be good days and bad days. You might notice that the holidays are harder, for example, and when your loved one’s birthday rolls around, that’s hard, too. You may want to do something to honor your loved one’s anniversary when the date of their death looms so you can make it through the day with the right support. Here are a few things to consider doing.

Gather With Your Family

Whenever you need support, you likely lean on your family. That might be a wise thing to do when the anniversary of your loved one’s death comes around. Plan a family dinner, gather in a park to enjoy fresh air and just be together. You likely aren’t the only one having a hard time getting through the anniversary day and being together can only help.

Share Stories

It’s nice to talk about your loved ones and remember the good times you had with them during their lifetime with you. Sharing stories about them on the date of their death anniversary can be a nice way to keep their memories alive. Share with family, talk to a friend, or even just write out some memories yourself so that they are down for the future.

Review The Service

If you had a recording done of your loved one’s service, you might want to review that so you can re-live the honor you brought to them at that time. You could also look over the bulletin you had made up with the order of events, pictures you laid out of them at the event, the video montage you had running, the guestbook, and other such things. You might want to go over the services to help yourself grieve anew.

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Visiting The Final Resting Place

If your loved one was buried in a cemetery, visit their grave. If you scattered their remains in a park or another location, visit there to honor their memory. You can take flowers or just spend some time talking with them and telling them that you miss them.

Start New Rituals

One of the things you may have gotten used to doing in the last year is finding a new sense of normal. On the death anniversary, start a new ritual to help yourself get through. Volunteer somewhere your loved one enjoyed, read their favorite book, or start something else that you can use as a new tradition in their honor.

There are lots of ways to get through cremation services in Mattoon, IL and you might want ideas for getting through anniversaries of those services as well. The professionals at Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd have plenty of grief resources to pass along at any time.

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