Great Tips to Create a Truly Meaningful Funeral Service

Posted on July 4, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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Funeral homes in Mattoon, IL

Funeral homes in Mattoon, IL are an integral part of creating a thoughtful and unique event when a loved one passes away. If you or someone you know is beginning to pre-plan or needs some tips for making the event, this article will discuss some considerations more in-depth to help you create a truly memorable event.

What is Going to Be Involved?

The priority in the process of pre-planning is going to be understanding what the budget is for the event. In some cases, individuals may choose to contact a funeral home and have a prepaid contract that they pay overtime; for others, they may decide to use an insurance policy in place, and others may pay out of pocket from a savings account. Getting this information gathered can help move into the next step of understanding what will be involved at the event.

Choosing the Details

The main focus of the funeral services needs to be based on creating a memorable event, so this will consist of choosing details that represent the individual on a personal level. The first decision that will need to be made is if they’re going to have a traditional burial, cremation, or both.

If they have determined they want to have a traditional burial, then a casket, plot, headstone, and liner will need to be purchased. On the other hand, if they’re picking a cremation and the loved ones will keep them at home, then an urn will need to be purchased.

A few of the most popular details that individuals include at funeral services are:

  • Showing a video memorial tribute
  • Including clergy members
  • Having a eulogy reading
  • Choosing personalized decorations and floral arrangements
  • Providing a food and beverage service
  • Including a hearse procession

Funeral homes Mattoon, IL

Picking a Funeral Home

Another consideration is where the event is going to be held. This will need to be determined based on a few different variables, including how extravagant the service is going to be. The larger the event and the more details there are means finding a funeral home that can accommodate this. A few considerations to look at when scheduling with a business are:

  • How long have they been established?
  • Can they accommodate cultural or religious traditions?
  • Do they have the proper electronics to support live streaming (if applicable)?
  • Do they have a transparent pricing list?
  • Can they handle everything in-house, or do they need to outsource for specific tasks?
  • Do they offer any additional support services?
  • What kind of reviews or ratings do they have from other customers’ experiences?

Trusted and Reliable Professionals

Planning the services at one of the funeral homes in Mattoon, IL does not have to be a complicated process when you are working with professionals, and we are here to help. We are a locally owned company and have been in business since 1934 providing exceptional services for our entire community. We take great pride in creating memorable and thoughtful events, so contact us today if you have questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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