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There are a number of options of things you can have at a reception after you have services with funeral homes Mattoon, IL for a loved one who has passed on. In the end, you can do whatever you want and the funeral home professionals can offer ideas and options until you find the right fit. Keep in mind that someone might offer to host and organize the reception for you. You can let them take over all of the details, or you can offer some ideas that you would like and go from there. Here are a few options that might be the right fit for your occasion.


Food Trucks

If you have a funeral in a funeral home or a local church, you might want to get some fresh air and be outside on a nice day for the reception. You could line a few food trucks outside in the parking lot, or in another location. You can have them offer certain options, or let guests order anything they want. It’s a nice way to feed the family in a casual manner that lets everyone be together, but get fresh air at the same time.


Potluck Dinner

It can be nice to include family in any meal you decide to have for your guests. You might have everyone bring a dish to the reception and then, you will have a lot of variety. You don’t have to do as much work, and your family is involved. Plus, you get quite a variety of options and it’s nice for everyone to have home-cooked items that they will enjoy.


funeral homes Mattoon, IL Sandwich Bar

The reception doesn’t have to be fancy. You can get some meat and cheese trays and allow family members to make their own sandwiches whenever they want. Add some chips and a few salads on the side as well as a table of desserts and it is plenty. You can have family bring desserts so they are included and you have plenty of sweet options to appreciate.


A Catered Meal

There are plenty of catering options in your region as well and that’s always a valid option. You can have a meal created and then served buffet style. That’s a nice way to go because people can go through the line at their own pace. Some people might want to visit for a while first, and then, they can get their food. Others might be hungry after the emotional service and they can go ahead right away. Another option is for the caterers to come with servers who will deliver plated meals to you at the table. You don’t have to do a thing and they will bring it all, serve it, and clean it up for you.

As you move forward with the final service plans, the most important parts will revolve around your loved one’s care. The funeral homes Mattoon, IL will take care of those things when you make decisions. Then, you can think about the reception food and other details.


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