Direct Cremation: 5 Things You Should Know

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Cremation services in Humboldt, IL

If you choose direct cremation as a disposition for your loved one, it is a good choice. Direct cremation is a type of cremation that has become more popular and one of the best options for many, mainly because of its affordability. Cremation services in Humboldt, IL offer the best and most dignified service including direct cremation. We want to support you with your plan for your loved one. But, before going through that, there are things that you should know first about direct cremation, and these are the following:


What is direct cremation and its features?

Direct cremation excludes a formal service and any pre-funeral ceremonies. Instead of using a pricey casket, the body is typically cremated inside a simple container. Before the cremation, there is no viewing, visitation, or wake, therefore there is no need for embalming or other body preparations. An expensive casket and funeral arrangements can be avoided by holding a memorial ceremony instead.


Services Available

If you want a direct cremation but also desire a formal service, it will probably be held in the form of a memorial service later on. But, if you want a funeral service first before the cremation, then that will be a traditional cremation service.


Direct Cremation Prices

Direct cremation is the most affordable or the least expensive disposition option because the most expensive purchases such as the funeral service, casket, body preparation, and significant transportation are excluded. In fact, according to some funeral homes, direct cremation may also result in a reduced Basic Services Fee – the funeral home’s non-negotiable flat fee. Finding a funeral home with a reduced Basic Services Fee for direct cremation is worthwhile if you’re looking to save money.


How to make direct cremation arrangements?

Cremation services in Humboldt, IL Aside from being the most affordable option, direct cremation is a less hassle task as well. Because you don’t have to prepare a lot of things. Most of the time, the funeral director is the one who are handling every aspect of the cremation, including filling out the death certificate and bringing the body there. Additionally, crematories frequently charge a small fraction of what a funeral home would for the same services.


Benefits of direct cremation

Aside from its affordability, direct cremation allows you to say goodbye to your loved one in your own unique way, without being bound by tradition or ceremony. Next, our loved ones will be cremated with professionalism and dignity. Finally, it provides the same high standard of funeral care associated with the Dignity name without sacrificing quality.


There you have it. These are things you should know about the direct cremation service. It is also important to understand what’s going on at a cremation ceremony, whether you’re the one who’s planning or attending. If you want some help with direct cremation or any other services, don’t be shy to call or visit us at cremation services in Humboldt, IL. We will make sure that we will always be available for all your questions and needs.

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