Differences Between The Traditional Cremation & Direct Cremation

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Nowadays, most Americans choose cremation as their preferred method of disposition. Cremation has become more popular as well because of its flexibility and affordability compared to traditional burial and funeral choices. There are also several types of cremation, two of them are traditional cremation and direct cremation. And many are still confused about these cremation options and finding it hard to choose the right service for their loved ones. So, today we want to help you clear these confusions and fully understand cremation, specifically traditional cremation and direct cremation entails. Even though our company of cremation services near Charleston, IL offers these two services, we still want to discuss their differences so you can make the right decision.


What is Traditional Cremation?

A traditional cremation service is quite similar to a traditional burial. The only difference is that the casket is transferred for burial following the service, while in cremation, the person’s body is taken to a crematory to be cremated. Typically, before the body is shipped to the crematory for the actual cremation, it will be embalmed and dressed appropriately. After the body is transferred to a funeral home or crematory, it will remain there for a few days until the body is ready for viewing at a funeral or memorial service. Finally, when the body is already cremated at the crematory or funeral home, the cremated remains will be handed over to the relatives of the departed. This whole process is what you’re gonna experience when you choose the traditional cremation for your loved one. Furthermore, since this option undergoes a lot of procedures and is accompanied by other services, it is considered the most expensive cremation service.


What is Direct Cremation?

cremation services near Charleston, IL A direct cremation, on the other hand, the body is transported immediately from the hospital or morgue to the crematory or funeral home. In some cases, it can be kept at the funeral home for a few days before a crematory appointment can be made. Then, the body will be cremated immediately. Other than taking off any jewelry and medical devices, there won’t be any preparations done to the body. And so, the body will not be dressed for a funeral or memorial service, or viewing. After the cremation, the cremains will be delivered to the family. And if the family wants to hold a service after the direct cremation, they can plan a memorial, funeral, or ash scattering service. A direct cremation is a good option for those people who don’t want to embalm. Also, this type of cremation service is the cheapest one, so if you want to save money, better choose direct cremation.


If you’re looking for the most affordable cremation services near Charleston, IL, you may speak to us so we can show you the services that we offer. Our company goal is not to unduly increase your burden since we are fully aware of how emotionally and financially stressful losing a loved one can escalate. Contact us so we can help you.

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