Delivering the Eulogy Can Be Made Simpler by Following these Helpful Tips

Posted on August 15, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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Once an individual has passed away, and the services are scheduled with one of the funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, an essential part of the process will be delivering a eulogy. This can be a confusing experience if you’ve never been through it before, so we have gathered some helpful tips and suggestions to make the process easier for you.

What Needs to Be in the Eulogy?

The eulogy is an opportunity to express who the individual was when they were alive. It’s meant to be a way to remember them and tell the story about what they offered to the world and the people around them. It’s a comment to include items such as:

  • If they had any achievements or milestones in work or education
  • Unique relationships they had with friends or family members
  • Favorite stories or memories you had with them
  • Where they lived
  • If they were part of any organizations
  • Any hobbies or passions they followed

The eulogy can be between 5 and 10 minutes long and be used to highlight the positive aspects of the individual’s life. In addition, if you have any unresolved feelings or unfinished business, it is best to leave this out of the eulogy and be mindful of the people attending the event.

Rewrite the Speech

Once you have gathered your information and written out your first speech, you will want to take the time to edit and rewrite it as many times as possible. You can also share it with another friend or family member to see if they have anything that would be beneficial to add to it.

Use Note Cardsfuneral homes Mattoon, IL

Note cards can also help because they offer a sense of safety if you get sidetracked in the speech or need to reference specific parts of the document. They are a commonly used and highly accepted option even with the best speakers.

Practice Giving the Eulogy

One of the biggest benefits is to practice reading the document out loud. This will help you build your confidence and get more comfortable when delivering it in front of a crowd. It allows you to focus on how your voice sounds and that you speak at an even pace. It also offers the opportunity to read any parts of the eulogy that may be more emotionally difficult and review these as much as needed.

Accept What Comes Up

The last recommendation is to take your time reading it to the attendees. Remember that these are friends and family, and they are not there to judge; you can be helpful and if you find yourself getting emotional during the speech, remember that you need to do the best you can.

We Offer Exceptional Services Based on Integrity

Delivering a memorable eulogy can help create a sense of connection in the presence of the attendees, so take your time in creating this document. And if you need help scheduling services with one of the funeral homes in Mattoon, IL, we are here for you. We offer trusted and professional services based on honesty and integrity, so contact us today.