Creating Friendships With Funeral Homes

Posted on January 20, 2020 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under funeral home
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You may remember when you were in school, police officers and firefighters visiting your classroom and giving you safety rules to follow. As your children grew up, you tried to instill in them that those professionals are friends. If they need help, those people are safe to approach. Do you ever think of people in funeral homes in Charleston, IL as friends? They don’t often visit classrooms and get that kind of introduction into your world, as a child or otherwise. But they most certainly are friends when you need someone with their expertise. They’ll be there when you need support.

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One of the things you can do to start a friendship with a funeral home when you need help with final services is to simply be open and honest with them. Treat the representatives like people you have known for much longer and talk to them about your loved one. Share memories and personality traits. Once they get to know you and, through you, your loved one, they can give you advice and recommendations to make honoring your loved one more special. Your everyday friends may have ideas as well, but working with experts in the field can really give you a leg up on the kind of service that can make your loved one really proud.


You know your friends support you in the hard times and many of them will reach out to you and offer to help or do things for you while you are grieving and planning final services. But sometimes, there’s not much they can do. The representatives at funeral homes act like friends in their support and compassion of you. They are there to implement whatever plans you want to put into place, however you want to see things happen. They’ll help you choose certain items by allowing you the options and the space to make those decisions. Then, they will carry them out for you, like a friend would in support of your choices.


While those who work at funeral homes may not feel like standard friends, when you think of them in that manner, it’s a lot easier to get through your situation. They are caring individuals who want to be there for you in every way possible. To us, that sounds like a friend for sure.


When you need support and final services for a loved one who has passed away, contact funeral homes in Charleston, IL, like Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. We are filled with representatives who aim not only to serve you, but also to be by your side like a true friend should be. Call us at (217) 234-8828 and you’ll feel our immediate compassion and receive our constant support throughout the planning and service process. You can also visit our facilities at 1200 Wabash Ave Mattoon, IL 61938 to see how things are set up and talk to us in person. The compassion helps even more when we’re face to face. Check details on our company through our website at

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