If You need to Ship the Ashes, Follow these Steps for an Easier Process

Posted on August 1, 2022 by Mitchell-Jerdan Funeral Home Ltd. under cremation
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Cremation services in Charleston, IL

Cremation services in Charleston, IL, offer many different benefits, and one part of this experience may include needing to ship the ashes. This can be confusing for anyone who hasn’t been through the experience before, but the proper knowledge could make the process easier. So, we have created this article highlighting steps and considerations to make for shipping the cremated remains.

Choose to Use a Kit

Some people consider using their packaging to ship the remains, but USPS already has a free kit specifically for this task. They are the only company that will ship cremated remains, and the kit has two different options available. The first one is just the box, and it’s ideal if you already have all the other materials needed. The second option is the box, and it also comes with bubble wrap, the appropriate express mail tape, and a self-sealing plastic bag for the urn.

Attach Label 139

If you choose to use your box, you want to ensure that you have Label 139 applied to each side of the container, including the top and bottom. This label says cremated remains and is printed in bright colors and large letters to ensure that it’s easily identifiable, which can help get your package to the destination more safely and securely. The free USPS box has labels to make the process easier.

Package the Contents Carefully

The next consideration when you’re shipping the remains is to make sure that they are packaged correctly. The urn is placed inside a sealed plastic bag to prevent leaking or shifting during transport. Adding extra padding to the inside of the box is also recommended because this can prevent the urn from moving around during shipment and potentially spilling.

International Shipping RecommendationsCremation services Charleston, IL

If you choose to ship internationally, this can be more complicated because every country has its own rules and regulations about admitting cremated remains. One way to help with this process is to contact the embassy because they can help give you any specific rules and paperwork that needs to be filled out. In addition, if the country doesn’t allow remains to be shipped to them, it will give you a chance to find an alternative delivery method by speaking with them.

Other Considerations

The last thing to consider is that shipping the remains always risks losing the items. It’s essential to ensure that you follow all steps, and you can consider adding extra items to the shipping, such as a signature being required for delivery to ensure it arrives.

Trusted and High-Quality Support

Shipping the remains can be a way to fulfill the last wish of a loved one or to lay them to rest in a way that feels appropriate. The details of the cremation services in Charleston, IL, will also make a difference in the experience, and we would love to help you from start to finish. We are a locally owned company providing exceptional care since 1934, so contact us today for more information.